Over 800 Million people live without access to electricity

WaterLily Changes That

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1 in 7 People have no access to electricity

WaterLily can change that

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In 2007, The WaterLily team were tasked with developing a micro hydro turbine that could harvest power from ocean currents to provide power for sensors.  These ocean sensors needed a reliable power source to collect data about climate change, ocean acidity and other phenomena occurring in the ocean. We developed a hydrokinetic turbine and in 2013 filed our patents.

However, this project opened our eyes to the energy that is available all around us in flowing water- our ocean currents, rivers, streams and through wind.  We knew the technology had applications beyond ocean technology, especially with the emergence of cell phones, LED lights, solar products, tablets and other portable electronics that require frequent recharging.  

Two scenarios came to mind: people spending time off grid for recreation or work (exploration, camping, sailing, hunting exhibitions) and people who live without access to a reliable source of power.

As a clean, sustainable instant energy source, Waterlily can be deployed in emergency response or to help empower individuals and families without access to reliable, affordable power.

We need help connecting with people and organizations that can help distribute WaterLily Turbines. If that’s you, please contact us.

WaterLily In Vanuatu

Made In Canada

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Used in over 50 Countries


Empowering people to generate their own electricity initiates a cycle of economic improvement for individuals and their families. Continuous light and charged devices unlocks additional working and studying hours. The impact: children finish school, businesses operate more effectively and additional jobs are created.

Meet WaterLily

WaterLily is a portable water and wind turbine that provides off-grid power to those who need it most. 

We take lighting for granted, but imagine when you were younger, not being able to do that extra work because you didn't have light to see the page....where would you be today? 

WaterLily can solve that by empowering people to generate their own electricity and have continuous light and charged devices which will improve their lives.


Clean, sustainable and renewable. Waterlily harvests energy from flowing water and wind, eliminating recurring costs, while generating zero indoor and outdoor pollution.

Social Well-Being

Mobile phone access is changing the developing world, however, the challenge to charge them is a continuous struggle. Having a reliable power source allows mobile phone users to stay connected to grow their business or reach others in emergencies.





3-in-1 portable power

Power with Water, Wind or You!

If water is flowing, WaterLily's blades are spinning. No water? The wind turbine is a great alternative. No water, no wind - no problem. WaterLily's hand crank can be used to generate instant power on demand.

Lightweight and Portable

Slightly bigger than the size of your hand and weighing less than 3lbs, WaterLily can be easily stored and transported anywhere.


Plug into Nature

WaterLily uses water or wind to generate power.

Zero indoor or Outdoor Pollution

Save on Energy Expenses

One WaterLily can harvest as much energy as 50 AA batteries every day

Power you can trust

Any weather, any time of day

When solar isn't an option - rain, fog, shade, treecover, overnight - WaterLily can keep power flowing.

Powerful results

Harvests 8x more power per day than a 15w solar panel

Built by experts

Made in Canada and deployed in over 50 countries, WaterLily's patented HydroKinetic Charge System comes from 7 years of subsea research in the rugged North Atlantic Ocean.

Power when you need it most

Disaster Relief and Recovery

When hurricanes and floods take down power lines, WaterLily can provide an immediate, consistent, 24-hour source of power in times of emergency.

Power for your devices

Charge USB and 12V devices, including cell phones, LED lights, fans, small and large battery banks, GPS, lead acid batteries, and more.

One WaterLily can change a person's life, impacting the cycle of improvement for an entire community

"The climate is hot and the villages are generally located in the bush for shade making solar power difficult.  Combine this with a lack of knowledge of batteries and the contamination of used batteries to the environment and I thought microhydroelectic power would be just the answer.  All these people are looking for is a light at night to read by or something to charge their cell phones (a new addition to their lives from aid money from developed nations).  Your turbine was perfect."

-Gary Tettelbach

WaterLily Customer

We are actively looking for partner organizations to help us #EndEnergyPoverty

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